Seitz Fresh Clean P 20lt

Model #: fresh20lt

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Concentrated anionic drycleaning detergent with innovative FRESH-System and antilint
formula, marked antistatic and sizing properties for use in perchloroethylene
Freshclean P is a combination of anionic and non-ionic surfactants and can be used in every
perchloroethylene drycleaning machinery generation. It exceeds all requirements of modern
textile care.
The innovative FRESH-System absorbs unpleasant odors remaining in the garments and
provides them with an appealing fragrance. Selected emulsifiers detach lint in the drum
housing and ventilation ducts and prevent lint build up. Even old lint buildups will be detached
without problem after permanent use of Freshclean P. Unique antistatic additives reliably
prevent the build-up of electrostatic charges and the formation of lint on the textiles during
drying. Textiles treated with Freshclean P receive a pleasant, full handle and remain almost
Freshclean P is an excellent drycleaning detergent. Colored textiles receive clearly defined
colors, and the graying risk is minimized in the case of light-colored garments.